A very brief overview of my
professional career and accomplishments.


Early Career

I began my career as an artist in a tattoo shop in Grand Bazaar, then shifted to a photo studio in Port-of-Spain. Eventually, I became the sole graphic artist at a Sign Company where I honed my skills in creating vinyl cut signs. As the company adopted digital printing, I progressed to designing and producing signs while also taking on managerial tasks and accounting responsibilities.


Independent Freelance Work

Battling fatigue due to a dissatisfying signage job, I learned to manage a creative business and realised I could shift into full-time Freelance Graphic Design. This allowed me to pursue my passion for design, create high-quality artwork, and take a courageous leap by investing in a new home PC after saving a substantial amount.


Auto Accessories Business Partnership

In 2010, subsequent to the arrival of my son, I delved into an Auto Accessories business partnership. By 2011, we introduced our groundbreaking website,  which developed from scratch and the first of its kind in T&T. Our objective was to emerge as the ultimate destination for Auto Parts and Accessories, with my exclusive role encompassing all Marketing and Advertising endeavours, which led us to become the exclusive supplier of auto accessories for their brand new vehicles.


Started Immature Studio

Having constructed our Auto Accessories website from the ground up, I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of being a comic artist. I knew the chances of me working for an established comic company were slim, especially since I wasn’t a full-time comic artist, so I decided to pursue my own webcomic.

This creative endeavour eventually gave rise to ‘immaturestudio.com,’ T&T’s pioneering webcomic. Interestingly, this was the initial business name I adopted when transitioning into full-time freelancing back in 2004, although it remained relatively undeveloped and was ultimately abandoned.


Launched TriniSpace

Recognizing that the Auto Partnership had reached a plateau in terms of innovation, the goals shifted to just being “yet another auto accessories supplier”, the very thing we wanted to disrupt. As my proficiency in web development advanced, set out on a new path: a mission to cultivate connections among Trinis.

It all began with the notion of selling my son’s old crib. I was certain that there was someone out there who needed it, someone I wasn’t acquainted with. This notion gave birth to the idea of a classifieds website. Given the absence of a dedicated platform for classifieds at that time, I embraced a bold leap of faith and undertook the development of what has now evolved into TriniSpace.com version 1.



As TriniSpace grew, I got called out to meet with the owner of an established Shipping business I had interviewed a few years back for my then-small blog. We chatted on LinkedIn, reconnecting after so many years.

Initially, it was supposed to be a montage of his workers to celebrate their anniversary in business. What was anticipated to be a brief half-hour discussion evolved into an engrossing conversation spanning nearly four hours; I knew he’d be up for a crazy idea. Without request, I pitched him a short-film and he instantly bought it!

That’s when I got the green light for my very first Short-film as the Director, Cinematographer, Producer, and Editor, a lifelong dream of mine.

The Short-film part, not the nearly working myself to death part.


Amit Productions

Soon after successfully doing the Short-film I invested literally all my earnings from that and other projects, into equipment and started getting work for glamour photoshoots and video production.

I didn’t anticipate my life would take this turn so quickly. I needed a name for my new venture and without dedicating sufficient time to its development  I settled on “Amit Productions”.



After diving into the glamour and entertainment industry I soon realised a lot of focus was merely on the surface of people and not so much their story, what made them unique, strong, etc. So I came up with an idea for a platform to showcase women and their stories, thus HerSTYLS was born!

Shortly after I agreed to produce a weekly T.V. Show that would double as a sort of messenger to launch HerSTYLS the following year.

Eventually, the T.V. Show became yet another surface-based talk show and I was exhausted from single-handily delivering an episode every week because we got no prep time to produce shows and hit the ground running as we got greenlit.

I halted production on the T.V. show after numerous episodes since I was also bleeding cash, to focus on the launch of HerSTYLS, my original vision; in 2016 I single-handedly built it and eventually launched it.


TriniSpace V2

Due to several reasons, HerSTYLS didn’t unfold as expected. After months of introspection, I realized that my true aspiration was always TriniSpace—a project aimed at connecting and benefiting my country’s people. I redirected my efforts towards it and embarked on launching version 2.

However, this journey proved to be much lengthier than anticipated. The more I developed, the more new ideas kept coming in; soon enough the wall in my apartment was filled with a roadmap to achieve certain goals over the next several years. I had to outsource my workload, and in 2019 I launched TriniSpace V2, the first step of my multi-year goal.

2020 - 2023

TriniSpace Social Network

We all know what happened in 2020, during that time I developed several online platforms to cater to the demand, supercharging my multi-year goal and releasing a lot before their time.

This led to the TriniSpace Social network in 2021, which I envisioned would be an eventual outcome. It was however before its time and I believe, looking back now it wasn’t the right execution. So TriniSpace Social Network was shut down in May 2023.


Amit Giant Digital Services

Drawing upon my extensive expertise and insights spanning the realms of digital media, entertainment, and communications, I have made the strategic choice to extend my professional services, aiming to elevate and invigorate brands on a more expansive and impactful level.
I’ve also launched my digital blog, TriniPixel.com to further assist in getting Trinis online.

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