Important Update Regarding IONOS Account Information, Web Hosting Provider

To You my appreciated client,

Firstly, greetings and best wishes for the New Year, 2024.

I regret to inform you of an unexpected change in terms of service from IONOS, our trusted internet host provider, which may impact your account and associated, as well as your stored data, etc.

The Issue

IONOS has recently updated their policy, requiring account holders to have a U.S. address or one from the list of “Allowed Countries”, such as Canada, for their address and phone number

Failure to update this information by the deadline, February 27th, 2024, could result in the termination of your contract and potential loss of data.

For further details please refer to this link: IONOS Update Link.

Possible Solutions

If you have a billing address and contact number within the Allowed Countries, you should be able to update your account information and avoid disruptions. However, if not, migration to an alternative hosting provider is the only option.

I have identified two(2) reputable alternatives for hosting, and I am available to assist you in this transition. Please feel free to reach out to me via phone, WhatsApp or iMessage at 716-0833 for any questions or concerns, anytime, any day for this matter. I will return missed calls or messages at my earliest convenience.

I suggest acting on this as soon as possible since some things take time to update, and longer if migration is needed.

I share your disappointment in this unexpected turn of events since I’m gravely affected by this change as well, and I apologize for any disruption it may cause. It was unforeseen and highly irregular since I’ve been using them for over a decade.

Your satisfaction and data security are of utmost importance.

Best regards,

Amit P. Rameshwarsingh
Cheerful Giant Media Ltd. |
Ph: 716-0833

Amit Giant