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Full Website Development

With a passion for crafting impactful online experiences, I specialise in creating dynamic WordPress websites tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and brands.

From intuitive user interfaces to seamless navigation, every element is meticulously designed to captivate your audience and amplify your online presence. Whether you're a startup, small business, or established brand, I am committed to delivering websites that not only reflect your vision but also drive tangible results.

Elevate your digital footprint with Amit Giant and embark on a journey of unparalleled web excellence.

eCommerce Websites

Specialising in building comprehensive online shops that cater to businesses and brands. With a focus on WordPress, the service includes seamless integration of secure PayPal checkout for smooth online payments. The goal is to enhance customer experiences, drive conversions, and provide a secure shopping environment.

Whether you're a new entrepreneur or an established enterprise, Amit Giant's solutions reflect brand identity while ensuring convenient and secure online shopping.

One-page Websites

Introducing Amit Giant's innovative one-page website service, where I specialise in creating fully functional websites that cater to businesses and brands seeking a cost-effective solution without compromising on functionality.

With a single page, I offer the bells and whistles found in traditional multi-page websites. This streamlined approach not only suits low-budget projects or businesses but also ensures a seamless user experience through optimised navigation and engaging content presentation.

Whether you're a startup or an established brand, Amit Giant's one-page websites deliver the perfect blend of affordability and comprehensive functionality, presenting your brand in a compelling and efficient manner.

Professional Website Transfers

Amit Giant presents a reliable and hassle-free website transfer service, specializing in seamlessly migrating your WordPress website from one server to another with utmost safety and security.

With a meticulous approach, I ensure that every element of your website is transferred flawlessly, preserving its integrity and functionality.

Whether you're upgrading servers, changing hosting providers, or simply optimizing performance, trust in my expertise to execute the transfer process smoothly. Your website's data and features remain intact, and you can rest assured that your online presence is in capable hands with Amit Giant's dedicated website transfer service.

Pro E-mail Setup

Amit Giant offers custom email address services that enhance your professional image by registering and setting up personalized email addresses tailored to your brand. These addresses can be forwarded to your existing email, ensuring convenience and credibility in your communication.

With a focus on individuals, small businesses, and enterprises, Amit Giant's solutions foster trust and authenticity, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

Professional WordPress Website

Unlock the true potential of your online presence with Amit Giant's Professional WordPress Website service. Drawing upon years of experience in crafting numerous large-scale WordPress websites, I offer a comprehensive solution that goes beyond mere setup and customization.

Seamlessly integrating innovation and expertise, I supercharge your WordPress website, ensuring it stands out amidst the digital landscape. From intricate customizations to intuitive user experiences, every element is meticulously tailored to align with your brand's unique identity and goals.

Trust in Amit Giant to transform your website into a dynamic and engaging platform that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

E-mail Migration

Experience a seamless transition with Amit Giant's Email Migration services. Whether you're a business or an individual, if you're in need of migrating your substantial email mailboxes to a new provider, I've got you covered.

With a proven track record, I specialize in effortlessly migrating even the most substantial 50+GB mailboxes, ensuring all your valuable data remains intact throughout the process. Trust in my expertise to manage every detail of the migration, from setup to execution, resulting in a smooth and efficient shift to your new email provider.

Domain Registration

Amit Giant's Domain Registration service simplifies the process of securing your preferred available domain for your brand or business. With expertise in managing the intricacies of domain registration, I ensure a seamless and successful acquisition of your desired web address.

Domain and Email Setup

Amit Giant's Custom Domain & Email Configuration service expertly sets up and configures custom domains and personalized email addresses, following industry standards for a seamless and professional experience.

With a focus on best practices, this service empowers your brand with a cohesive and reliable online image, enhancing your digital presence effectively.

Server Setup & Configuration

Amit Giant's Server Configuration service enhances website performance, offering tailored setups from shared hosting servers to dedicated Linux Ubuntu servers for high-traffic sites.

With expertise in server architecture and performance optimization, expect seamless operation and improved website responsiveness. Trust Amit Giant for reliable server solutions that elevate your online platform's efficiency and effectiveness.

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Motion Graphics Video

Amit Giant's Motion Graphic Video services excel in creating engaging motion graphic videos for diverse purposes such as short-form content, advertisements, social media posts, explainer videos and more.

With a keen focus on visual storytelling, these services combine creativity and effectiveness to transform concepts into captivating animations that enhance brand appeal and convey messages effectively.

Professional Ads

Elevate your brand's reach and impact with Amit Giant's Professional Advertising services. Specializing in creating targeted campaigns for platforms like Social Media and YouTube, I help your brand effectively engage with your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

With a deep understanding of audience dynamics and platform nuances, I craft compelling ad strategies that resonate and drive results.

Whether you're aiming to increase brand awareness, boost conversions, or drive website traffic, trust in Amit Giant's expertise to deliver professional advertising solutions that make your brand stand out in the digital landscape.

Digital Graphic Designs

Unleash the visual potential of your brand with Amit Giant's Digital Graphic Design services. Specializing in creating stunning visuals for websites, social media platforms, and beyond, I transform ideas into impactful designs that capture attention and resonate with your audience.

Whether it's crafting eye-catching graphics, designing captivating social media posts, or producing visually compelling website elements, my expertise ensures a cohesive and engaging brand identity across various digital platforms.

With a focus on creativity and aesthetics, trust Amit Giant to deliver digital graphic designs that elevate your brand's visual presence and storytelling.

Digital Menus

Amit Giant's Digital Menu Design services specialize in creating visually appealing and user-friendly digital menus for restaurants, shops, and other establishments.

These services enhance customer engagement and streamline the ordering process, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience. Trust Amit Giant for captivating designs that elevate brand presentation and customer satisfaction in the digital realm.

Digital Motion Menus

Transform your establishment's ambiance with Amit Giant's Digital Motion Menu services, catering to restaurants, shops, and more. Elevate the dining or shopping experience with immersive animated menus that not only captivate attention but also infuse an extra layer of sophistication and international allure to your brand.

With an emphasis on creativity and visual storytelling, I craft dynamic motion menus that engage customers and showcase offerings in an innovative way.

From capturing the essence of your brand to enhancing customer interactions, Amit Giant's Digital Motion Menus add a touch of class and international flair, leaving a lasting impression on your clientele.

Professional Photography

Elevate your brand's visual identity to new heights with Amit Giant's Professional Photography Services.

Complementing your web and digital needs, I bring professional photography expertise to the table, capturing moments that enhance your brand's image and resonate with your target audience.

From captivating product shots to compelling visual narratives, my photography services seamlessly integrate with your digital strategy, ensuring a cohesive and impactful online presence.

Trust in Amit Giant to deliver stunning visuals that tell your brand's story and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Professional Photo Re-touching

Amit Giant presents Professional Digital Photo Retouching services that adhere to universal industry standards, tailored for flawlessly perfecting photos of products, models, and more.

Leveraging advanced professional software, I skillfully enhance images to ensure they meet the highest standards of visual excellence. Whether refining product details or enhancing the natural beauty of models, my meticulous approach guarantees stunning results that align with your brand's vision.

Trust in Amit Giant to elevate your visuals with expert digital photo retouching, ensuring your images exude professionalism and captivate your audience.

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